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Could the air in your home be making you poorly?

Many people may not be aware just how much of an impact that poor air quality has on increasing illness. According to Asthma + Lung UK, poor indoor air quality has been linked to lung diseases like COPD, lung cancer and asthma, as well as an increased risk of heart disease and strokes. 

Respiratory illnesses are often triggered by allergens that are present within the home, including dust, mould spurs and the products of house dust mites. This can also result in headaches, dizziness and fatigue - plus the irritation of the nose, eyes and throat.

We spend A LOT of time in our homes

Typically, the average person will spend approximately 70% of their time inside their home (that includes sleep), which means that it’s crucial to have a good quality of indoor air. This is particularly important if you have pre-existing health conditions and allergies because houses with poor air quality could be quite dangerous.

someone coughing and sneezing in bed

There are also pollutants that are caused by airborne contaminants, otherwise known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are typically found in aerosols and cleaning products, but can also be released from the fabric of a building because VOCs are also present in solvents and adhesives used in construction.

There are ways to reduce the concentration of VOCs within your house, such as choosing the right products that contain fewer dangerous chemicals. However, the most effective option is to invest in whole-house ventilation, which will completely remove the polluted air and bring in fresh, clean air from outside.

Ventilation will improve indoor air quality

Whole-house ventilation is the most effective, environmentally friendly option to improve your air quality, and subsequently, your health.

A mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system will remove potentially dangerous, polluted air out of your home, and replace it with filtered air from outside - also ensuring that it is free from outdoor dangers, such as pollen, traffic fumes and industrial chemicals.

The added bonus of an MVHR unit is that this fresh air will also be heated, meaning that there’s no worry about your ventilation making your house feel cool (as it would if you opened a window in the middle of winter).

Whilst you can open your windows in warmer months to let in fresh air, an MVHR unit is much more effective and reliable in removing pollutants. Draughts may move the air, but only usually as far as the next room - so you’re essentially just pushing it around your house.

Of course, a key benefit of MVHR is that it doesn’t rely on the weather to be effective. The air is also filtered so that particulates such as pollution and pollen from the outside can’t get in. With good ventilation, you can rest assured that you and your family will remain safe from indoor air pollutants, all year round.

Find out more about our MVHR systems - get in touch with our team today!

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