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About Us

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Welcome to Ventilation Megastore

We supply ventilation systems for homes and businesses that improve air quality and save money.

Whether you have a single room studio apartment or a large scale retail premises or warehouse, we can provide the ventilation solution for you.

We’re a family company based in Lincolnshire and we’re part of the Boulder Developments Group, best known for the award-winning SuperFOIL Insulation.

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Our mission is to provide fresh, clean air into homes and businesses and reduce your building’s carbon footprint through the effective recovery of heat lost through poor ventilation.


Our vision is for Ventilation Megastore to become the industry’s preferred air handling supplier in the UK, leading the way with five-star, sustainable services and solutions to suit all of our customers.

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Our commitment to supplying high quality products and excellent customer satisfaction is second to none.

We owe our continued success to our dedicated, knowledgeable team of experts who are always on hand to make sure that customers are well looked after and informed.


We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and we’re dedicated to playing our part in creating a sustainable future.

We aim to become carbon neutral, and are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint through green initiatives and programmes.

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Meet the Team

William Bown, Managing Director and Founder

Having led SuperFOIL Insulation to help improve energy efficiency for millions of homes, Will is now doing the same with Ventilation Megastore.

Will’s day to day role includes the overseeing of the business, making critical decisions alongside Chief Marketing Officer, Bjorn. Using his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, Will is eager to build on the success of SuperFOIL.

Bjorn Bojen, Chief Marketing Officer

After years of working closely with Boulder and SuperFOIL over many years through his marketing agency, Bjorn officially joined Ventilation Megastore in 2023.

Bjorn’s day to day role includes making all decisions in relation to the firm’s marketing strategy, as well as assisting Will with business development.


What can we help you with?

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As DIY enthusiasts ourselves, we love helping our customers with their big or small projects. 

We offer a range of fantastic, efficient, easy-to-install products that are suitable for all sizes of homes. If you’re eager to upgrade your property with a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system, we’re here to help.
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Businesses often need bespoke heat recovery ventilation systems that are best suited to their individual needs. 

To design yours, contact our friendly team of experts who will help to create and build your project, bringing it to life.
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If you’re a tradesperson, look no further! We can supply you with everything that you’ll need in order to complete your client’s heat recovery ventilation project. 

Our team can even help to design a bespoke solution, fulfilling your orders directly to the site that they need to be on.
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Get in touch with our team of experts

If you’re looking for more information, or would like to design your bespoke mechanical ventilation system, we can help.
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