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DHV-15B BP.H MVHR Unit with Auto-Bypass and Pre-Heat Function

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Ultra Low Power Consumption

Reduce bills and save the environment with our highly efficient heat exchanger - works very quietly and efficiently

Improved Air Quality

Remove stale air and reduce humidity, black mould growth, and condensation, whilst recovering heat energy by installing our reliable heat recovery system, with additional Summer Bypass and Frost Protection function

Easy to Use and Maintain

Includes manual 3-speed controller (normal, boost, and purge) and full installation instructions. Filters are easy to access & washable. Heat exchangers are removable for easy cleaning

Compact Design

Designed with space saving in mind. Built to fit into the smallest possible space to achieve the desired effect without getting in the way.

High Quality and Tested Performance

All Ventilation Megastore products are tested so you can trust that you’re buying the best heat recovery ventilation unit on the market




What is Heat  Recovery Ventilation and How Does it Work?

Heat Recovery Ventilation (also known as HRV, or mechanical MHVR) is an energy recovery system. Warm, moist air is extracted from the property & replaced with fresh air. Heat energy from the property is recovered & transferred to fresh incoming air via a heat exchanger. Saving energy & money.

Why Do We Need It?

HRV systems provide a property with fresh air, while saving much of the energy usually wasted with traditional extractor fans. They protect the building fabric by reducing condensation, they promote energy efficiency, & improve the internal environment.

As new buildings are made intentionally more airtight they require a ventilation system to assist fresh air ventilation. Trickle vents or opening a window provide fresh air, but heat will be lost in the winter or gained in the summer.

The Best System on the Market

Performing to UK standards, all Ventilation Megastore products are tested so you can trust that you’re buying the best ventilation system on the market.

Ultra Compact and Highly Effective

Our unit is specially designed for use in small properties up to 102m² on normal speed. The unit is compact, easy to install, & provides a low-cost solution.

What is Frost Protection?

Preheat activates when the incoming air is more than 2 degrees cooler than the internal air temperature.

What is Summer Bypass?

Auto-Bypass operates when the incoming air temperature reaches 20 degrees. When this happens, exhaust air is extracted and no heat recovery takes place.


Technical Specifications:


Packaged Dims (mm): 1115 x 825 x 360

Unit Dims (mm): 1075 x 784 x 270

Weight (kg): 31

Filter Size (mm): -

Spigot Size (mm): 100

Airflow (m³/h) Purge Speed: 150

Airflow (m³/h) Boost Speed: 130

Airflow (m³/h) Normal Speed: 110

External Static Pressure (Pa): -

Noise Level (dBA): 38

Power Consumption (W): 60 / 50

Efficiency %: 86 / 83 / 78

Preheat Capacity (KW): 0.6



If you have any questions, contact our UK-based team & we will be happy to help!


Plan Ahead


HRVU are easy to install, planning is helpful. Choose the right size of HRV, for your property & room layout as the output for individual rooms will be affected by resistance losses from the type, length, & complexity of ducting.

We recommend that you select a unit that covers your ventilation needs on the normal power setting,  providing the opportunity to boost the fan speed to accommodate changes in internal conditions.

Ventilation Megastore offers a range of ducting options & can advise on best practice.




If any regulation compliance is required (e.g. new build properties), it is the installers responsibility to ensure suitable system performance.

Ventilation & Conservation of Fuel and Power are covered by Part F & Part L respectively of Schedule 1 to The Building Regulations 2010

Additional information

Unit Type

Auto-Bypass & Pre-Heat

Coverage (m²):


Noise Level (dBA):


Airflow (m³/h) Medium Speed:


Airflow (m³/h) High Speed:


ESP (Pa) Medium speed:


ESP (Pa) High speed:


Power Use (W) Medium Speed:


Power Use (W) High Speed:


Efficiency (%) Medium Speed:


Efficiency (%) High Speed:


Unit Dimensions (mm) Width:


Unit Dimensions (mm) Depth:


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