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How ventilation and insulation go hand-in-hand

Insulation is a fantastic way to reduce heating bills and keep your home toasty warm - however, the more you insulate, the more you will need to ventilate!

Highly insulated properties are typically more airtight, and will therefore prevent water vapour and moisture from leaving a property. 

The more you insulate a moisture-rich house, the more condensation (and therefore damp and mould) will gather inside. This is because highly insulated properties are usually more airtight, preventing water vapour and moisture from leaving the property.

By pumping out the damp, humid air, ventilation will essentially de-humidify your home, whilst the insulation keeps you and your family warm and cosy. Rather than working against each other (which is definitely a myth), they go perfectly hand in hand. With both installed, your home will stay dry and energy efficient by ensuring a constant, comfortable temperature for your household or office environment.

superfoil insulation

MVHR is the perfect partner to insulation 

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, particularly purchased to be paired with efficient insulation solutions - such as SuperFOIL Insulation.

Every home will come fitted with extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms as standard, which is your basic defence when it comes to ventilation (but unfortunately, just not enough with modern insulation). Whilst an extractor fan will use the fan to propel air from a room to the outside, MVHR systems will replace the extracted air instead - with fresh, filtered air from outside. 

This fresh air is also heated as a result of the systems’ heat recovery function - which means that MVHR will also help to contribute to retaining the warmth of your abode, working in partnership with your insulation.

Not only will an MVHR unit dramatically reduce dampness and condensation, it will also remove other allergens within the air - such as dust, pollen and germs, which also helps to reduce airborne illnesses and hay fever too. Your home is kept cleaner, fresher and more comfortable all year-round - not just in winter months.

Will MVHR be suitable for my property?

In simple terms, yes! MVHR units are suitable for all types of property - both residential and commercial premises. Depending on the size and type, the way that the system is set up may vary, but it can be done.

The unit itself is compact and easy to conceal, typically installed in the loft, on an exterior wall, or in the ceiling cavity - meaning that it is mainly out of sight. Our team of experts will advise you on the best location to suit your home or office, in order to best optimise the flow of fresh air throughout the building. 

It’s usually best if the inlet and outlet are fitted in separate rooms - for example, the air will be extracted from the kitchen or bathroom, while the inlet may be located in the bedroom or living area. 

In terms of noise - there is virtually none! Our units produce as little as 29 decibels of sound, which is quieter than a whisper, and just slightly louder than a ticking watch. Even the largest of domestic units will only produce 41 decibels, which is the same as a typical refrigerator. As the units are typically installed in the roof space or outside, you won’t hear anything in your living area itself. 

Can I install ventilation myself, or do I need an expert?

With some help and guidance from our knowledgeable team, most people with basic DIY skills can install an MVHR system without having to pay a professional. If you are however concerned and would rather someone else do it for you, then most plumbers, electricians or heating engineers are more than capable.

All of our devices come with a detailed instruction manual, with our MVHR experts just an email or phone call away if you need to ask any questions.

Interested in finding a ventilation unit to go alongside your effective insulation? Get in touch today!

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