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How much does it cost to run a ventilation system?

With properties becoming more air tight thanks to better insulation, more homes are seeing an increasing requirement for good, reliable ventilation. Without it, you’re at risk of pollutants building up to harmful levels.

With energy prices high, it’s important to consider the running cost of different heat recovery ventilation systems so you know what sort of costs you’re committing to. 

We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

MVHR is cheaper than a lightbulb (and more efficient!)

Whole-house ventilation systems are designed to draw in fresh air from the outdoors and displace humid, stale air in your home - preventing condensation from forming. 

There are so many benefits to investing in a ventilation unit, such as:

Heat Recovery. An MVHR system can recover up to 90% of heat in a room - meaning that stale air is removed, but heat isn’t lost! By avoiding heat loss, MHVR units play their part in enabling us to be more eco-friendly.

Efficiency. A sophisticated MVHR system recovers wasted heat and uses less energy than a traditional heating system - saving you money on your energy bills.

Air Quality. These units will extract stale air and supply clean, filtered air into the home - which is warmed using the recovered heat from extracted air. This reduces the risk of virus transmission and other respiratory diseases.

You can find out more about the benefits in more detail in our blog.

You’ll be pleased to know that these exceptionally clever systems actually have very  low running costs, meaning that you can rest assured that your home is healthy - along with your bank balance!

Our typical high-speed, mid-sized ventilation systems cost as little as £208.05 to run per year - with this figure based on it being in use constantly for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the full year. If you use your system less regularly (in the colder months for example), this figure is likely to be less.

If you’re looking at a smaller ventilation system at a lower speed, then your cost would be even less - at approximately £105.12 to run the unit 24/7, all year round - The same as having a 40W light bulb on.

DHV 600M MVHR unit

Here’s how we worked it out…

For a power consumption of a 40 watts/hour unit, this would work out at 0.96 kilo-watt hours per day. Multiply this by 365 days, and then by £0.30/kilowatt-hour (the current average energy price), and will give you our figure of £105.12.

This would be based on your MVHR having a power consumption of 40 watts/hour and electricity costs of £0.30 per kilowatt-hour - with the unit running on a permanent basis. 

Using our calculation, you can then work out what it’s likely to cost you - based on the specific unit you’re looking at, and your own energy costs.

If you’re unsure and need a hand in working out your costs, then give our experts a call - we’re more than happy to help.

Combat those rising energy bills with heat recovery

While the cost of running an MVHR system is already low, it could actually save you money when you factor in heat retention.

Traditional extractor fans or even open windows are a sure way of making your home cooler, which means your household heating will be less energy efficient. The extra cost of this is hard to calculate because it depends how windy it is outside, how far the windows are open or how many are open or how long the extractor fan is on as well as it’s output, but it’s enough to make your thermostat click on sooner and stay on for longer.

You may think ‘well, I’ve seen some ventilation running costs in past articles that are cheaper than this’ - and you’d be right! This is because we're using the current cost of energy in the Uk, which has risen A LOT over the last year. This means that ventilation unit running costs have also gone up since but it also means the money it will save you on heating bills has also increased.

Take a look at our fantastic range of economical, efficient ventilation units here.

Please note, our calculations are correct at the time of writing - July 2023.

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